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We will help you unlock your inner potential, with simply tips and tricks, so you can excel in your swimming.
Don't make it harder then it is... This is what you have to remember and focus on:

Maximize Propulsion & Minimize Drag
"Sinky Legs" is one of the most common mistakes holding us back when swimming. 
If corrected this mean much less drag in the water making you swim faster with less effort.
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Practice this next time you're in the water or why not at home?
Find out how these 3 Swim Kicking Exercises can help you on days when the pool is not an option.
Number 2 is just brilliant.
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New to ZEN8 Swim Trainer?
The ZEN8 Swim Bench is specifically designed to help you improve the swim stroke as it encourages a high elbow catch, as well as improving you body position in the water. Huh, what? How?

The unique swim bench, as you can see in the video above, is perfectly imbalanced and it requires you to really engage your core whilst on it. This will lead to better overall body control, core stability and therefore making you a overall stronger swimmer and triathlete
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