Prevent injury and be ready for action

Do this before every swim session.

No matter what sport you do - a good warm-up is crucial and swimming is no exception.
These easy to follow warm ups should be done before any dryland or in-water swim session.

Many triathletes go for a run before their swim start... Do this instead, as you want your swim muscles to be reeady to fire.
When it's time for the run, we guarantee that your legs will be warmed up ;)
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The ZEN8 Swim Trainer hits the category of resistance training. The resistance experienced from the high-quality swim cords is much harder than you will ever experience in the water.

With increased resistance compared to the water, the ZEN8 will challenge you to push yourself harder in less time and boost your strength, giving you maximum power and speed in the water. Increased strength allows you to hold a better technique for longer in the water.

The unique Swim Bench not only encourages a high elbow catch but will also fire up your core whilst on it for better body control and core stability.
Develop an effective catch and pull-through to increase efficiency per stroke. Improved technique will results in better times in the water on race-day. 

The ZEN8 Swim Trainer is powerful and efficient, and therefore needs a good full body warm-up before you jump on.
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