ZEN8 Coaching

12 Week Swim Training Boost. On demand ZEN8 Videos + In-Water Training - Swim Faster with less effort.

Easy-to-follow video workouts for the ZEN8 Swim Trainer that can be accessed whenever. This is a 12 week plan in total and will help you boost your technique, endurance, and power.

You'll be swimming faster within 12 weeks. Guaranteed.
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3 x 4 Week Blocks

ZEN8 Sessions where all you need to do is press play and follow along. In-water sessions can easily be printed, or copied and used in the pool.
  • 4 Weeks Technique
  • 4 Weeks Endurance
  • 4 Weeks Power
  •  Bonus Material
Full access immediately - on-demand videos & in water workouts.

Improve your 100m pace in 12 weeks.

This structured plan is simple to follow and will fit into your busy life. 2 Sessions per week. 1 in water + 1 on the ZEN8 Swim Trainer.
This can be used in combination with your normal routine to boost your performance before your next event.

  • 87% of users feel they are swimming with less effort after the first 4 week block.
  • Get motivated with different workouts every week.
  • 92% of report less fatigue after swimming 400m straight.

12 Week Swim Training Boost reviews.

"I love being able to fit a 30-minute session in on my lunch break. The power block is brutal, and just what I needed!"
Lea Trebb
"ZEN8 Coaching is the best swim training, in terms of "bang for your buck", or should I say time. The new on-demand videos are awesome!"
Tony Lee
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