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LVL2:12 Week Advanced Training Plan

Easy-to-follow video workouts for the ZEN8 Swim Trainer that can be accessed whenever.

This 12 week plan will help you boost your technique, endurance, and power, and is the perfect supplement for your current swim routine.

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3 x 4 Week Blocks

ZEN8 Sessions where all you need to do is press play and follow along. In-water sessions can easily be printed, or copied and used in the pool.
  • 4 Weeks Technique
  • 4 Weeks Endurance
  • 4 Weeks Power
  •  Bonus Material
Full access immediately - on-demand videos & in water workouts.

Unlock new speed in 12 weeks.

This structured plan is simple to follow and will fit into your busy life. 2 Sessions per week. 1 in water + 1 on the ZEN8 Swim Trainer.
This can be used in combination with your normal routine to boost your performance before your next event.
Swimmers who normally swim once/week - Add this plan on top of what you're already doing.

Swimmers who swim 2 times per week - We recommend adding this on top, but if you do not have time for this, swap one of your current sessions for the in-water session in this plan as well as the ZEN8 session.
If you're swimming +3 times/week, you can either add these extra sessions in or only go for the ZEN8 sessions.
  • 87% of users feel they are swimming with less effort after the first 6 weeks.
  • Get motivated with different workouts every week.
  • 92% of report less fatigue after swimming 400m straight.

12 Week Swim Training Boost reviews.

"I love being able to fit a 30-minute session in on my lunch break. The power block is brutal, and just what I needed!"
Lea Trebb
"ZEN8 Coaching is the best swim training, in terms of "bang for your buck", or should I say time. The new on-demand videos are awesome!"
Tony Lee
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